Apr 3, 2011

Short and effective

Lately, my Owner has favoured short, intense scenes, or maybe more like episodes. When we have a moment, and she wants to, she spanks me a little, or maybe use the whip or the rattan or some implement she has handy. Just like that. Just because she can and she feels like it. And I try to take it like a good girl, and lie as still as I can, and offer myself to her. Usually there's not much warm up, not much cuddling - just the strokes, and her hand on me while she hits me.

And that's it. Then she's done, and I get up and make a curtsy and thank her, and she tells me I was a good girl and tells me what we are to do next - go wake the baby up, or maybe make some coffe. I feel all floaty, and a little disturbed, and a little tender in places, and quite a lot turned on, and do as she says.

I love it.

(I might love it even more if she fucked me, too. But maybe not. I love the simpleness of it. And I love that she's the one doing it.)

(I love her, it's as simple as that.)