Mar 10, 2016

"What is your favorite sort of interaction with your Mistress?"

Yey! I got a question from ancilla_ksst, thanks! My favourite sort of interaction with Mistress?

Honestly - when she's fucking me. :-) That's my very favourite thing, much the same way that my favourite food is chocolate and my favourite place is on vacation. I like pleasure and sensation and indulgence, and being fucked gives me all of that.

Most days we don't do that, however, because well, life and tired and time and things. So on a typical weekday when we both have been working we don't really get to spend much time with each other until little S is asleep. We usually cuddle up on the sofa, and I rest with my head on her shoulder. She pets my hair, and everything is nice and soft and safe. That's good too.

And then when we go to bed and say good night I lay on her arm and she holds my wrist in her hand and we're close together and drift off to sleep. That's good to.

I think I simply like to cuddle a lot. 

Mar 8, 2016

Q&A March

I just realised it's March and it's a good time to ask questions, and answer them. So if anyone have any questions, I'm up for it.