Dec 1, 2011

I can wait

The cool thing is that even if almost all sex and all kink is kind of gathering dust on a shelf right now, and studies and job and kid is all we have time for, I'm still Hers. I find that amazing. I think I was so afraid of losing the kink because I thouth it meant losing Her. But She's still here. And I'm still here. And we're still here. And more importantly, I'm still Her property.

That's a really great feeling. I think I need that in my life. I wouldn't be whole without it. I think my fears are diminishing and my faith is growing.

And by now, experience tells me that when we are rested, and everyone is healthy, and we're not totally stressed out then as soon as we have a few moments together, we fuck like rabbits. So it's ok. I can wait.

And yeah - having the flu right now might way in on this perspective to. Fever is so not sexy.